Watch: LP Election Cheating in Maguindanao to Help Leni Robredo Win? (Video)

A video allegedly shows that the Liberal Party (LP) cheated in the recent elections, in favor of its vice-presidentiable, Congresswoman Leni Robredo. The said election cheating happened at Maguindanao, where some members of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) were allegedly involved. Watch the News5 Everywhere video below.

According to the report, the video was taken by a certain Normina Taha. She said she saw one woman doing the shading of tons of election ballots, while a set of accomplice fed them into the VCMs (vote counting machines). She added the election cheating was to help win Leni Robredo and the candidates for mayor and vice mayor of Datu Saudi.

Taha said that the ballot were almost done when she entered the polling precent and took the video. She emphasized that the election cheaters focused mainly on LP candidates, particularly on Robredo and local candidates. Unfortunately, the faces of the people and their alleged cheating activities are not clearly seen on the video.

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Later, vice-mayor candidate Bassir Utto was also interviewed by the network. He said that there has been a conspiracy between the Comelec, the local candidates, and MILF Commander Wahid Tundok, who is also a leader of a private armed group. The woman shading the ballots was allegedly Tundok’s daughter, who has armed men around her.

Utto added that he reported the incident to Lt. Col. Warlito Limet, commander of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion. He said Limet told him that he already given instructions to his men. However, Utto said this is not true because the men on the area is his own people.

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Meanwhile, supporters of vice-presidentiable Sen. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos will have a rally in front of the Comelec main office in Manila this Friday, May 20, 1pm. The group is urging Comelec to do a manual vote-recount for vice president. This is after Leni Robredo consistently leads the race, despite the early 1-million vote lead by Marcos.