Watch: Lover’s Manhood Got Stuck Inside Cheating Wife in Kenya, Rushed to Hospital (Video)

A cheating wife and her lover were hospitalized shortly after the lover’s manhood got stuck inside her precious gem. This odd but real incident recently happened in an undisclosed area in Kenya, and became talk of the town. Watch below the video of the illicit couple while they were being rushed to the nearest hospital in broad daylight.

As you can see in the video, the embarrassed couple was brought out from a hotel called the Explor-Inn, and were being transported along a street using a wooden wheeled cart as people were curiously looking on what happened to them. The woman’s face was covered by a towel, while the man on top of her had his face totally exposed.

As reported by The Sun UK early this month, the woman started to scream for help when her lover’s manhood cannot be detached from her body. Fellow hotel guests tried to help them but no matter what they do, the couple could not be separated, and the only remaining solution is to seek medical assistance.

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But despite the fact that Kenyan culture do not tolerate adultery, local media outlets decided not to mention the names of the persons involved. Nevertheless, there were common speculations that the man of the cheating wife used a “magun” potion, which reportedly forced a manhood to get stuck inside a woman.

However, medical experts call this condition as vaginismus, where the muscles of woman’s gem squeeze or spasm during lovemaking. Currently, there is no explanation why this happens. However, it is usually being linked to anxiety and fear of making love. To help prevent this from happening, various types of exercises are being advised.

Apparently, this is not the first time that such scandalous incident happened in Kenya. In 2012, a man reportedly went to a witch doctor to ask for help because he suspected that his wife is cheating on him, but he needs proof. Allegedly, black magic was used to the woman, whose lover’s manhood also got stuck inside her.



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