Watch: Losing Presidentiable’s Paid Internet Troll Explains How He Makes P10,000 Monthly (Video)

A self-confessed paid Internet troll for a losing presidential candidate in the last 2016 elections shared how he is receiving at least P10,000 a month as salary. And although political analysts say that this strategy is not new in politics, being an online troll is somehow better because tons of Filipinos are now hooked into social media. Watch the GMA documentary video below.

As reported by Malou Mangahas on GMA’s Investigative Documentaries which was aired this Thursday, November 3, Harry (not his real name) and his 9 other friends were invited by an “office” in Madaluyong to work as online troll last February, the month that the official election campaign period for president, vice president, senators and party-lists has started.

According to Harry, the basic requirement to be an Internet troll is to be active in social media, has tons of social media followers, and has a lots of guts. He said that after the orientation, he was the only one who pursued the job, noting that he accepted the offer mainly because he really wanted the presidential candidate to win the election.

Harry said he signed a contract that he will be paid P10,000 monthly for being an online troll for that presidentiable. However, he must never reveal his job to anyone. Otherwise, he will pay P1 million fine to the said office. The paid online troll said he created fake social media accounts, and used an attractive photo from Google for his fake identity.

Harry noted that he receives instructions from the office or gets them from a certain website what he should post on his fake Facebook account. He said he is required to publish at least 10 posts about the presidential candidate a day, and receives additional income if posts went viral or he has won an argument against the presidentiable’s critics.

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Harry did not mention the name of the presidential candidate, but emphasized that he (or she) did win the election. And although it has been three months since President Rodrigo Duterte has took his oath, Harry said the ‘office’ advised him to continue posting, and that there will be future projects for him as a paid Internet troll. You have been warned.



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