Watch: Liquid Concepts Pilipinas Got Talent Audition Earns 2nd Golden Buzzer But With Controversy (Video)

Meet the Liquid Concepts, the flair bartending couple who auditioned at Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Season 5, which was aired this Sunday, February 14, 2016, Valentine’s Day. After their performance, the man proposed marriage to the woman, and the latter said, “Yes.” However, many netizens disagree with Angel Locsin for giving them the second Golden Buzzer. Watch below.

Composed of Larry and Sharleen, judge Angel Locsin asked the couple on how they are related to each other, and Larry said they are sweethearts. He added that their talent is very close to their hearts. During their performance, Liquid Concepts showed great skills in juggling liquor bottles along with some dance moves and entertaining acrobatic acts.

The crowd was pleased with their performance, and the four judges Robin Padilla, Vice Ganda, Angel Locsin and Mr. Freddie M. Garcia applauded them. None of them give Liquid Concepts a standing ovation, but they gave them positive comments and a “Yes.” But before they left the stage, Larry asked permission if he can still do another act, and the judges agreed.

Larry said it took him a year to prepare for the act, which surprised Sharleen and she seems to know nothing about it. After juggling a cocktail shaker, he knelt down in front of Sharleen and took a small box from it. And yes, it’s an engagement ring. After a short but sweet speech, Larry asked Sharleen if she willing to marry him, and she replied with a “Yes.”

Sharleen wore the engagement ring, as the judges and the crowd were thrilled with the very sweet moment. Robin Padilla, Vice Ganda and Mr. Freddie M. Garcia went up to the stage to shake their hands, while Angel Locsin was left in her seat and to the surprise of everyone, she pressed her Golden Buzzer. As a result, Liquid Concepts will then go straight to the semi-finals.

But do Liquid Concepts really deserve the Golden Buzzer? Apparently, many netizens (including us here at TN) don’t agree. While it’s obvious that their act is great and deserve a “Yes,” we think that they don’t deserve the Golden Buzzer. We believe that there are other earlier acts that should be awarded the Golden Buzzer, but was not given to them.

If you can remember, Power Duo received the first Golden Buzzer courtesy of Robin Padilla. You can hear the crowd shouting “Golden Buzzer” even while they are still performing, and the judges gave them a standing ovation. So did Angel Locsin only give Liquid Concepts a Golden Buzzer because of the marriage proposal and not because their act is great?

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