Watch: Lady PNP Senior Inspector Goes Beast Mode Over Illegal Parking, Netizen Claims (Video)

A netizen complained about a lady PNP (Philippine National Police) senior inspector, who went beast mode over illegal parking beside the Calamba police station in Laguna. According to certain Noel Joey Raymundo, PSINP Katherryn Espiritu turned arrogant and even mocked his car. Watch the video below, and the full context of his Facebook post.

As explained by Raymundo on his Facebook post this Saturday, Jujly 23, his son’s car had a collision with a red Toyota VIOS near SM City Calamba. Calamba police officers arrived at the scene and accompanied them to their station for investigation of the incident at around 4 pm. Little did he know that he will have another problem, a more serious one.

Mr. Raymundo said he parked his car at the side of the police station, beside the white Mitsubishi Mirage of PSINP Katherryn Espiritu. After around two hours later and while the investigation is going on, the lady police officer went outside the precinct with her dog, and got mad when she saw that the plastic garnish/dummy fog lamp of her car was detached.

Noel said that PSINP Espiritu accused him of bumping her car, and shouted at him a couple of times. He added that the lady police officer also accused him of illegal parking, telling him that the parking space is only for fiscals and judges only, and she is a police officer so she can also park there. The ‘no parking sign’ was seen on the other side.

PSINP Katherryn Espiritu allegedly radioed her officers of CIDG, CHPG and SOCO and even her commanding officer, Chief of Police Francisco Ortega, and asked them to jail Mr. Raymundo. However, the netizen noted that the police officers appear to be confused with her instruction because they don’t know what kind of criminal offense he was accused for.

PSINP Katherryn Espiritu illegal parking story

Mr. Raymundo said that PSINP Katherryn Espiritu’s car has no bump whatsoever. However, there were dog scratches on it which means it was her dog that caused the car’s lamp to be detached. On the last part, the netizen said her fellow police officers requested him to remove his video. Instead, he later filed a formal complaint against the lady police senior inspector.