Watch: Korina Sanchez Says Roxas vs Duterte is Battle Between Good and Evil (Video)

ABS-CBN broadcaster and wife of Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Mar Roxas, Korina Sanchez was interviewed by TV5 anchor Cheryl Cosim this Thursday, May 5, on her opinion about the upcoming 2016 presidential elections. According to her, the Roxas vs Duterte clash is like a battle between and evil. Watch the video interview below.

Before the interview was aired, Cheryl Cosim reported that based on the latest 2016 election first choice presidential preference, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte is leading by far with 33 percent. Next to him is former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas with 22 percent, and was immediately followed by Sen. Grace Poe with 21 percent.

Sanchez, who is temporarily on-leave at ABS-CBN, noted that it is the machinery that makes a presidential candidate win the election, adding that political experts believe that candidates with less machinery are the weaker ones. Later, she expressed her opinion on the on-going competition in surveys, where Mayor Duterte is now leading.

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This is a battle of good versus evil. I think that is more and more evident right now. The people will choose. Are we for darkness or light? Shall we go to the terrifying, or to the sure thing? I think that on May 9, people already know what they will vote for.Korina Sanchez said, adding that there’s a big difference between Roxas and Duterte.

Korina Sanchez emphasized that despite the fact that both of them are strong candidates, she is very proud to say that Mar Roxas’ power is powerful but honorable, powerful but respectful, powerful but decent. She added that Filipinos should not have president who has no respect to the law, women, children, and the Catholic church.

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The TV Patrol news anchor noted that in case Mar Roxas will be elected as president, she will be a very simple First Lady. She said she will wear only simple clothes such as maong pants and rubber shoes, and will not wear expensive jewelries. Korina said she will visit the poorest families in the country and will help them as much as she can.



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