Watch: Karen Davila’s Interview to Alma Moreno Shows Why We Should Not Vote for Her as Senator (Video)

Senatorial candidate Alma Moreno was recently interviewed by Karen Davila on her ANC show ‘Headstart. Apparently, the interview seems to tell us all the reasons why we should not vote for her in the 2016 election. Yes, you can disagree with us and call us names for not supporting Alma Moreno for senator. But before you do that, watch the video interview below to see for yourself.

On the first part, Karen Davila says that it’s fair to say that Alma Moreno did her best as a Paranaque councilor. Then, she asked Alma why she decide to run for senator instead of a lower position such as congresswoman, mayor or vice-mayor. Almost all the questions are in English, which Davila usually uses, and Moreno answered in Tagalog. This is not the problem, though.

According to Alma, she didn’t plan to run for senator. She said her initial plan was only to campaign for Vandolph (her son with late Comedy King Dolphy), who is running for councilor of Paranaque. Moreno said VP Jejomar Binay invited her to join his senatorial ticket. And just like some celebrities who run for public office, she mentioned “Signs from God.”

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When Karen asked Alma about her credentials of being a senator, the latter mentioned her nine-year experience as Paranaque councilor and as the first female National President of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL). Moreno added that she is being welcomed everywhere they go, and that her being a former sexy actress seems to be not a hinder in winning in 2016.

This next part is what we think Moreno really started to scramble. Davila asked her if she is not in favor of same-sex marriage, and she said, “No” adding that the act is considered as as a sin. She was also asked about the anti-discrimination bill. She said, ‘Yes” but it appears that she don’t have a complete idea about it. Watch her facial expression on the camera carefully.

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Karen then asked Alma, “If you won a Senate seat, what would be your advocacy in the Senate?” She said her focus will be more about women, mentioning the Magna Carta of Women. Davila said that there’s already an existing law, but Moreno said that there are some parts of it that are not being fully implemented. However, she couldn’t explain them clearly.

Later, Alma Moreno was asked if she will be supporting the controversial RH bill. She said, “Yes” but with reservations. With her answers, Davila noticed that Moreno don’t seem to understand the word “reservations” so she decided to ask her in Tagalog. But still, her answers were truly awkward. She realized it and even laughed at her own shame.

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We at TN are not campaigning for any politician or political party for 2016 election. We are also not mocking Alma Moreno or any political candidate as we believe everyone has the right to run. However, watching her Karen Davila interview clearly tells us that she is not fully prepared to become a senator. Our country has enough sufferings. This time, let’s vote really wisely..


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