Watch: Jesus Christ Statue Opens Its Eyes, Special Effects and Paranormal Experts Now Clueless (Video)

A Jesus Christ statue allegedly opened its eyes and closed again as if it has its own life. The creepy incident was captured on camera inside a church, with several priests and paranormal experts have already analyzed but cannot explain its mystery. The video, which you can watch below immediately went viral on social media and earned mixed reactions from netizens.

According to Mexican website, this early August where it was believed to have been first reported, the spooky footage of the Jesus Christ statue opening its eyes happened last June in Chapel of Saltillo, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico. It was not mentioned as who took the video, but explained why the video was taken.

“It has been a long time that I have not visited the Chapel of Saltillo. So when we were attending a mass, I asked my daughter to take video of the Jesus Christ statue. Then it suddenly opened its eyes and closed it.” The unnamed citizen was quoted telling to paranormal activity expert Ivan Escamilla, who also manages the said website.

“Personally, I do not believe in miracles, I am not religious and many times I have shown against religious actions that disturb the faith of the people. But these images are truly breathtaking. I hope and this evidence may serve to all those who were beginning to lose faith in GOD, and take it more as a message rather than a religious miracle.” Escamilla wrote.

Escamilla added that more than 20 specialists including paranormal phenomena experts, priests, sculptors, editors and special effects designers have already watched this so-called ‘Jesus statue opens eyes’ video. Nevertheless, he said that all of them have confirmed that there was no special effects used and editing made in producing the said footage.

The paranormal activity expert noted he has also request the ecclesiastical authorities of Chapel of Saltillo to watch the video to see for themselves so they can give their own observations and analysis, but they reportedly declined. But now that you watched it yourself, do you think it’s only a product of optical illusion or a proof of divine intervention? 🙂