Watch: Jeepney Driver Shows His ‘Manhood’ to Female Passenger, Identified and Arrested (Video)

A female passenger immediately complained to local authorities after a jeepney driver showed his manhood to her while she was sitting in front beside him. The woman had was able to to capture the evil act, without his knowledge. The suspect was later arrested, but his wife defended him. Watch the video below. (Sensitive part is blurred).

As reported at GMA News this Tuesday, June 21, a certain Iza (not real name) said she was supposed to go to LTO Pasay branch last Friday so she rode a jeepney, and sat beside the driver. But shortly as they are traveling along Aurora Boulevard, she noticed that the driver opened the zipper of his pants, so she got her cellphone and filmed him.

As shocking as it is, the jeepney driver exposed his ‘manhood’ and hold it as if there is no woman beside him. According to Iza, she did not expect him to do such act and could not help but cry. What’s more surprising is that the driver continued driving his jeep. The poor lady got mad and got off the jeep, and told him that she will post the video on Facebook.

But despite being shocked, Ana had a strong presence of mind and immediately reported the jeepney driver to the traffic enforcers. He was identified as Jesse Veron Sewell, 41. The jeepney driver was arrested, and was charged with unjust vexation. His face was also captured on camera, but declined request to be interviewed by reporters.

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Nevertheless, it was learned that the pervert jeepney driver has no driver’s license. In line with this, the LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) said they will ask the jeepney operator to appear before them for further investigation of the case. In a seprate report, his wife apologized to the suspect has a mental disorder.