Watch: INC Convoy Counterflows, Causes Traffic and Ambulance Delay (Video)

A convoy of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) made a counterflow in Cainta, Rizal last Friday, September 25, 2015. Obviously, it created traffic jam on the area. But what a netizen seems to be fussed about is when he saw an ambulance caught in traffic. The entire incident was caught on video and was posted by a certain Essex G. Pol on his Facebook page. Watch it below.

“A small group of Iglesia Ni Cristo vehicles causing traffic. An ambulance carrying a patient even had to give way to their small convoy. I just had to park and record this.” Essex G. Pol wrote as a caption on his video, noting that it happened 9:08am at Cainta junction, in front of the Cainta Public Market. He also tagged Top Gear Philippines, hoping to earn more views.

“Cause of traffic, counterflow ng mga Iglesia ni Cristo. Merong pulis na nagpadaan. “Di makadaan yung ambulansya dahil nag counterflow yung mga Iglesia….Yung ambulansya ang nag give way. ” Pol said on the video, as seven vehicles can be seen passing through instead of the ambulance. Some people inside the vehicles are carrying balloons.

You can see a police officer with his motorcycle parked in the street. He asked the driver of a red car to move back and guides te INC convoy to pass through. You can also see an MMDA officer assisting him. Later, the police officer rode on his motorcycle and acted as an escort behind the convoy. The exact location of the ambulance was not caught on video, but Mr. Pol explained why.

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INC convoy traffic FB post comment

The next day, Saturday, September 26, the Iglesia ni Cristo held its so-called biggest evangelical mission at the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan. Now on its 101th year, the powerful church aims to “talk” to non-members who are potential recruits (‘akay’). The traffic at NLEX was reportedly minimized, as an estimated 100,000 people joined the event.

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But going back to the traffic caused by the INC convoy, we would like to emphasize that we are condemning the entire church. This report is NOT about the INC; this is about the questionable act of certain members of the group, particularly in the said video. We will also report other religious group that may cause traffic., especially when there’s an emergency that should be prioritized.

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