Watch: Calm INC Compound Security Guard Harassed by 2 Women for Doing His Job (Video)

A calm Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) security guard was harassed by two women while doing his job. The incident happened at the INC compound at 36 Tandang Sora, Quezon City. As you can see on the video below, the INC security guard just want to check the boxes of the women but the latter rudely refused and one of them even hit him.

The video was uploaded by a certain Bobby Fernandez on his Facebook page this Monday, January 11, 2016. On the description written in Filipino, he said that the video proves that the people staying inside the INC compound are allowed to go out and back inside. He then emphasized that the earlier reports saying that they are being treated as prisoners are not true.

As you can see, the INC security guard asked a woman wearing white t-shirt that her box and belongings be checked before she can enter the said compound, and she agreed. Then, he placed a box in front of him to serve as a boundary. Next came a semi-elderly woman with a big box and immediately forced herself to enter. She even hit the box that the guard has placed.

The security guard can be heard saying politely to the second woman that her box should be checked, but the latter angrily refused. Then, the first woman came out and hit him on the head. But instead of fighting back, the guard continues to be polite to the women. The women can be seen bringing boxes inside the compound without allowing the guard to check them.

Shortly, the woman in white shirt told the security guard that he has no right to check the boxes while pointing her fingers to his face. The guard continues to keep his patience and told her it is part of his job. Then, a third woman appeared on the scene, holding the camera and taking video of the security guard, and asked him, “Gusto mo sumikat?” (Do you want to be famous?)

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PART 1 (PLS. READ, LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE)PANSININ NINYO MGA KAPATID ANG MAGAGASPANG NA KILOS AT MAHAHAYAP NA SALITA NG NASA LOOB NG #36 TANDANG SORAKuha ito kumakailan lang sa gate ng #36, Tandang Sora. Mapapansin natin na labas masok naman ang mga nanunuluyan sa loob. Kaya hindi totoo ang paratang nila na sila ay kinukulong.Mapapansin din natin kung ano ang mga mahahayap na salita at kung ano ang kalupitang ginawa ng mga babaeng ito, sa 2nd part ng video ay sinaktan pa ang guwardia na buong kahinahunan at pagmamalasakit na tumutupad lamang ng kanilang tungkulin na mai-check ang mga bagay na ipinapasok sa loob ng compound na pag-aari ng Iglesia para matiyak na walang banta sa seguridad.Mapapansin din natin kung paano nila pino-provoke ang guwardia upang ito’y magalit at makagawa ng hindi magandang aksiyon at naka ready na rin ang kanilang video upang ito ay mai-record kung sakali. Mahuhulaan na natin kung ano ang gusto nilang mangyari.Nasaan ang sinasabi nilang may mataas na bakod na kailangan pa nila ang hagdanan upang makalabas at makapasok samantalang may maayos naman palang daanan at malaya naman pala silang makadadaan? ITO BA ANG SINASABI NILANG SILA AY PINAGMAMALUPITAN AT INAAPI?SINO NGAYON ANG SA TINGIN NINYO NA MAY MAGAGASPANG NA KILOS, MAYAYABANG, AT MAY MAHAHAYAP NA SALITA, AT NAGMAMALUPIT? VISIT ALSO: ANG MASASABI NINYO MGA KAPATID SA GINAGAWA NILANG ITO?

Posted by Bobby Fernandez on Monday, January 11, 2016


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INC security guard being harrassed

Credit: Bobby Fernandez Facebook

We all know that there is a tension with the INC, as some ministers have been expelled from the church including Angel Manalo and his mother, Tenny Manalo, the widow of former INC executive minister Erano “Ka Erdy” Manalo. But as we watched the video above, we can’t help but to ask, should the security guard be treated that way just because he’s merely doing his job?

Note: We removed the “fellow INC members” on the title and content of this post, as we have been informed that the women involved cannot be identified as ‘fellow or former’ members of the Iglesia ni Cristo. We sincerely apologize for the trouble and confusion our earlier post has caused.

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