Watch: Imee Marcos Speaks on Martial Law, Marcos Burial, Ninoy Aquino, Pres Duterte (Thinking Pinoy Video)

Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos finally speaks up on controversial issues, including hero’s burial of her father, former President Ferdinand Marcos, Martial Law, the assassination of former senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino, her mother Imelda Marcos, VP Leni Robredo, and President Rodrigo Duterte. Watch the Thinking Pinoy interview video below.

On the first part of the interview, Imee Marcos said she couldn’t believe time will come that many people will publicly criticize the Aquinos, and will side with the Marcoses. She said that millenials are not depending on history books only, but rather doing a lot of researches to know what exactly happened during the Martial Law era, and his father’s administration.

“Is Ferdinand Marcos a hero?” According to Imee, assuming that she is not his daughter, she thinks that Marcos is a hero simply because he was once a soldier. The witty former presidential daughter explained that it was President Duterte who first suggested to the their family that his father shall be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

Gov Imee said the issue started when then-presidential candidate Duterte campaigned in Ilocos Norte in October 2015. She said that Duterte told them that if he gets elected, the hero’s burial shall happen. Duterte allegedly said that as a lawyer, he knows that burying Marcos at the LNMB is legal, emphasizing that the Marcos family did not request for it.

In terms of Martial Law, Imee Marcos said that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has a write-up siding with it. She said she believes that Martial Law was good in its earlier years, but had gone bad in the latter when Ferdinand Marcos started to get sick. Gov. Imee admitted there were some abuses, but there should be judgment of Matial Law as a whole.

“Did Marcos killed Ninoy Aquino?” Gov. Imee said she strongly believes that her father was not the mastermind. As a proof, she said her father was extremely worried at that time, and even got sick. According to her, Ferdinand Marcos was very mad, and described the act as a ‘dumb move.’ Nevertheless, she said there are other people who want Ninoy dead.

At some points, Imee Marcos also talked about Vice President Leni Robredo being the wife of the late DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo. She also mentioned some important projects of her mother, Imelda Marcos when she was still the First Lady. Finally, the Ilocos Norte governor said that the entire Marcos family is supporting the Duterte administration.