Watch: Hyundai Driver Counterflows in QC Despite Having a Child Passenger (Video)

Another stubborn driver makes a counterflow, despite knowing that it is against the traffic rules. But what is more irritating is that the said driver has a child and an elderly along with him. Apparently, he did not realize that as an adult, he should be a role model to young children. The incident was captured by the dashboard camera of the car in front of him. Watch it below.

The video was uploaded by a certain Don Tayag on his Facebook page this Thursday, February 25, 2016, which is incidentally the 30th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA revolution. According to his caption on the video, the incident happened at West Avenue, Quezon City on February 24, at 3:30pm. As you can see, the vehicle in question is a Hyundai, with plate number ZMP261.

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You will also notice that the unreasonable driver had a chance to move back and go to his right lane, but he didn’t. Tayag noted that the driver even lowered his lean seat, which is usually being understood as a sign of superiority, or not interested to make an action. In fact, he even moved closer. It took around 2 minutes before he moved his car to the correct lane and left.

Before the video ended, Tayag opened his car window and told the driver how reckless he was, and that the kids he is with might imitate him when he grows up. One commenter said it would be better if Tayag also took a video of the driver. Nevertheless, he said he showed his dashboard camera to the unidentified driver, but the latter just made a face and did not care.

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It happened 3:30pm Feb24,2016 West Avenue counter flow Hyundai ZMP261. Panoorin nyo nagbaba pa ng sandalan ng upuan si Ungas, astig daw sya. May kasamang bata at matanda.

Posted by Don Tayag on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Apparently, he is not the first driver to be caught on a dashboard cam making a counterflow. Back in April 2015, a video of a driver of black Jaguar counterflowing in Bonifacio Global City went viral. He went beast mode to the driver in front of him. The arrogant driver was identified as Joel Padiernos. He later apologized for his bad behavior, and got suspended from his job.

Meanwhile, we hope that this latest counterflow incident will immediately reached the knowledge of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), so the driver will be investigated and punished accordingly.

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