Watch: Human Rights Watch Accuses Pres Duterte of Encouraging EJKs, Police Planting Evidence (Video)

International watchdog Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused no less than President Rodrigo Duterte of openly encouraging EJKs (extra-judicial killings) on his intensified war against illegal drugs in the Philippines. This is according to the latest investigation of HRW emergencies director Peter Bouckaert when he visited Manila. Watch video below.

“During the daytime things appear relatively normal, and in the middle class areas you’d barely notice this killing campaign. It’s very much focused on the poorest areas. There, the terror is very real. As soon as night falls, the killings begin.” Peter Bouckaert told HRW Senior Media Officer Stephanie Hancock, with 7,000 drug suspects already have been killed.

According to Bouckaert, police often claim that drug suspects fight back (nanlaban), and that they had no choice but to kill them. However, there were some self-claim witnesses who told them that police allegedly plant guns and drugs on the bodies of the victims. As support to his claim, most of the victims are very poor that they cannot afford to buy guns.

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On the video, families of alleged victims of EJK said that some masked men suddenly appear from nowhere and shot their relative, whom they admitted being a small-time drug pusher. A mother of two victims said that seven masked men went to their place, beat her adult children, and took them away. Some suspects were police officers in disguise.

In another report titled “Licensed to Kill,” the HRW said that President Duterte and the Department of Justice (DOJ) could be held accountable for these killings. The same report noted in several occasions, the president has publicly said that his campaign against drugs will not stop until the last drug pusher and the last drug lord is killed.

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Nevertheless, the HRW emphasized that there is no solid evidence vs President Duterte specific extrajudicial killings cases. However, the group said that it is his responsibility as the leader of the country to order the PNP (Philippine National Police) to stop being involved in EJKs, and to respect the human rights of everyone, including drug suspects.



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