Watch: How To Vote This 2016 Elections, What To Do If Voting Receipt and Ballot Are Different (Video)

This Monday, May 9, we will be voting for the next president, vice president, 12 senators, and local officials, and we will again use voting counting machines (VCMs). Below is the step-by-step guide from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on how to vote, and what to do in case the content of your voting receipt is different from that of your ballot.

But first, you should understand that the VCM cannot prevent vote buying. This is the reason why Comelec don’t allow voters to bring the receipt out of the polling precint. Ballots are alsoe specifice for each precint. But sad to say, the VCM cannot recognize if the voter has already voted in another precint.because it has no biometric detection.

How to vote this 2016 elections:

1. Go to your assigned polling precinct, and look for your name in the voters list, posted near your respective precint. Note that voting starts at 6 am and will end at 5 pm.

2. Go to the BEI (Board of Election Inspector) and give your name and precint number. And although it is not required to show an ID, it is always important that you bring one to prove your identity. Show your fingers to prove that you have not voted yet.

3. Get your ballot secrecy folder, marking pen, and ballot, then go to the voting area. But before you cast your vote, make sure that your ballot is clean and has no mark.

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4. Carefully shade the entire oval corresponding to each of your chosen candidates, and don’t make other marks. Make sure that no one sees your vote, including the BEI and poll watchers. You can undervote and abstain, but you cannot overvote as your vote will not be counted.

5. Feed your ballot into the VCM and return the ballot secrecy folder and marking pen to the BEI.

6. Wait for your vote receipt to be printed by the voting machine, which means your vote was valid. Let the BEI cut the receipt using a pair of scissors. (Note: Never tear off the vote receipt from the VCM. Afterwards, the BEI will put indelible ink to your right forefinger.

7. Verify if the names of the candidates in your voting receipt are the names of the candidates you voted. If they are correct, drop the receipt inside receptacle placed beside the VCM. You are not allowed to take photos of your receipt or bring it home.

Note: You can ask for a new ballot if the VCM rejects your ballot four times, provided that the mistake is not your fault.

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What to do if the content of your voting receipt and ballot are not the same

1. Go immediately to the BEI and show her your voting receipt.

2. Affix your signature at the back of your voter’s receipt.

3. The BEI will then record the incident in their official Minutes of Voting.

4. The receipt will not be dropped in the receptacle, but instead be attached in the Minutes of Voting.

Note: For future reference in case of problem, we strongly recommend that you copy your Ballot ID number to your hand or a small piece of paper. You can find it at the top right portion of the ballot.

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The upcoming 2016 election has a great impact to the future of our children and children’s children. We then urge you to vote based on what the candidates can do for our country, and not only for yourself. Vote wisely! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!