Watch How Media Added Pain to Former Child Star Jiro Manio at NAIA (Video)

Jiro Manio ABS CBN NAIA Interview

Photos and interviews to former child actor Jiro Manio spread like wildfire on news and social media this Tuesday, June 30. As expected, media made good money from exposing the poor condition of the award-winning actor. Below is the video of the full interview to Jiro Manio for you to see the shame he received. .

As you can see, reporters and cameramen continue to follow the former child star even if the latter seemed to be lost and doesn’t want to be interviewed. You can even see the camera focusing on his bruises on the neck and his dirty towel. He was reportedly spotted roaming around Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.

You will notice that Jiro has a problem the way he behaves in front of the camera. At some point, he even told the reporters to stop asking him, but obviously, they continued. You can just imagine the pain of the 5-minute video that was added to a confused mind. And while the reporters were calm, they seem to be pressuring Jiro to answer.

And because the media care more about getting a scoop and not really care about Jiro, their headlines are exaggerated. For example, the title of the news report of a major news outlet reads, “Homeless Jiro Manio Seen Begging for Food at NAIA.” Well, he was given food and clothes by an airport guard, but it doesn’t mean he is begging.

Apparently, the same news report had “Homeless” on its title. But the truth is, Jiro Manio is currently living in San Juan with his foster father, Andrew Manio, who said the former child actor left home 4 days ago after a misunderstanding. Therefore, it is very clear that Jiro is not homeless, and some media outlets added color to their news.

Born Jiro Katakura, the 23-year old “Magnifico” star went into rehabilitation in 2011, and another one this year but he was not able to finish it. He became a father at the age of 16, and admitted that he became a drug dependent. Yes, he had problems and is probably depressed at this time, and he obviously needs help.

But while the media should be acknowledged for telling the public about the situation of Jiro Manio now, we think that they should be more sensitive in dealing with such situations. Yes, the video can be used an evidence so he can get help. However, I think the reporters could have done it better, instead of putting him on shame.

To Jiro Manio, we at TN believe that you want a better life. We may not be able to know how you feel right now, but we understand you. We may not be able to know the exact details of your problems, but we know you can solve them. We believe in your talent, and we really hope you can come back. The entertainment industry needs someone like you.