Watch: Edgar Matobato Proves to Sen Leila de Lima That He’s Not a Credible Witness (Video)

Edgar Matobato has been showing signs of not being a credible witness on the Senate hearing on alleged involvement of President Rodrigo the extrajudicial killings in Davao City during his term as mayor. But this Thursday, September 23, Matobato changed his earlier statements while being grilled by pro and anti-Duterte senators. Watch video below.

As we all know, the nation had their eyes glued to the TV on Thursday, September 15, when Edgar Matobato appeared in the first day of the Senate hearing. That time, Senator Leila de Lima was still the chairperson of the Senate committee on justice and human rights. In his testimony, he claimed that President Duterte ordered series of killings.

A self-proclaimed member of the so-called DDS (Davao Death Squad), Matobato mentioned some people whom President Duterte allegedly ordered to be killed when he was still the mayor of Davao City, and how they killed them. This includes alleged terrorist, Sali Makdum, and supposed supporters of then-House Speaker Prospero Nograles.

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Obviously, Matobato’s testimony attracted international media considering that President Duterte is being dubbed as The Punisher and has no mercy for killing criminals. In fact, a video interview with Matobato was published at The New York Times. Likewise, Duterte haters screamed with joy, especially those who wanted him to be removed from his post.

And as the nation had their eyes glued to the TV again on Matobato’s second appearance in the Senate hearing, he then clarified that he did not hear then-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ordering the killings. This time, he confirmed that it was a certain SPO4 Arthur Lascanas who told him about it. Apparently, this is also contrary to the contents in his affidavit.

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Edgar Matobato changes statement, Part 1

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At this point, many netizens believe that Sen. De Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV became more obvious in defending their witness. So far, we at TN have not seen any international media reporting about Matobato’s change of statements, except for the New York Times. On the other hand, many Duterte haters believe that Matobato is still a credible witness.



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