Watch: Hongkong OFW Absentee Voter Claims Voting for Duterte, But Resulted to Roxas (Video)

An OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Hongkong recently complained that she voted Mayor Rody Duterte for president, but the PCOS machine revealed that she voted for former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. Sad to say, she was not the first complainant of alleged cheating during the overseas absentee voting (OAV). Watch the video below.

The 1:20 minute video, which was uploaded by a certain Coup de Foudre on Facebook this Saturday, April 30, shows a female OFW in Honkong standing and angrily complaining that the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS) machine showed that she voted for Mar Roxas for president, although she voted for Mayor Duterte.

The unidentified female OFW told a woman in the precint (whom we assume is a Comelec representative) that there could be some ‘hocus focus’ on the said PCOS machine, but the latter denied it. You can hear someone saying, “Ang layo naman ng pangalan ni Roxas kay Duterte” (Roxas’ name is far from Duterte’s), which the OFW agreed.

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You can also hear a man trying to explain something, but his voice is not that clear. Shortly, the woman tried to calm the OFW, but she remained talking. The OFW said her vote was wasted, saying her vote will be counted to Roxas. Surprisingly, the woman told her there were three of them who encountered the same problem.

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The overseas absentee voting started began last April 9, 2016, and will end on May 9, the actual election day. Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista earlier said that there is an estimated 1.3 million Filipinos registered voters abroad in 85 Philippine posts in various countries around the world, and 1,326,728 of them are land-based workers.

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Earlier reports reveal that the actual vote counts in Hongkong overseas absentee voting have discrepancies with vote receipts, and leaning towards LP presidentiable, Mar Roxas. Vice presidential candidate, Sen. Bongbong Marcos also said that there were alleged cheating not only in Hongkong, but also in Dubai, Kuwait and in Japan.