Watch: Grace Poe Supporters Protest for Not Receiving P500 Incentive as Promised to Them (Video)

Tons of supporters of presidential candidate, Senator Grace Poe in Bagiuo City held a protest rally this Tuesday, April 19. According to them, a campaign team leader promised to give them P500 each as cash incentive if they will attend the event. But they said they did not receive any single cent afterwards. Watch the news video below.

In an exclusive report by TV Patrol Northern Luzon, more than 1,000 Grace Poe supporters in Bagiuo City can be seen protesting at Igorot Park this Monday. They were complaining that they were not given the P500-incentive as promised to them by a Baguio City coordinator for Grace Poe. She was identified as Donna Gallardo.

A video of Ms. Gallardo was featured in the news report, explaining something to the protesters. The news reporter said that they have been trying to contact her to comment on the issue, but to no avail. Nevertheless, the protesters identified her as the one who invited them to attend Poe’s rally and promised them the P500-incentive.

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Damin Macapuno, who was among the Grace Poe supporters complaining, told the TV Patrol Northern Luzon news reporter that they directly asked Donna Gallardo if their names are being submitted to Poe’s camp to prove their attendance in the campaign rallies, and if there are really funds for them. He said Gallardo told them, ‘Yes.’

Meanwhile, another male protester said that they were required to have an ID and to wear white T-shirt before they can attend Poe’s campaign rally. He said he spend his hard-earned money to buy his own shirt, worth P120. He added that he has not eaten yet because he is still waiting for his P500. But just like the others, it was not given to him.

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The complaint of Poe’s supporters have already reached the knowledge of Commission on Elections (Comelec), which said that the issue can be considered as vote-buying because there was money involved. However, the election body said that there should be a formal complaint. The Poe supporters are still thinking about.

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