Watch: Glass Door Opens Twice Then Breaks, Even No One Was Around (Video)

We already heard a lot of creepy, unexplained stories where certain things move even when nobody was around or near the object. And although many of them have been proven fake, there are also some of them that remain a mystery until now. One of them is the CCTV video below, where a glass door opened twice by itself and then breaks into pieces.

The 58-second YouTube video was uploaded by a certain Jay Ong last August 21, and the creepy incident happened at a company (Corporation Place) in Singapore on August 17. As shown at the top of the screen, the right part of glass door opened inwards just a few seconds before midnight. The said door has a hydraulic system, making it difficult to open by itself.

Around 15 seconds later, the left part of the glass door opened by itself but this time outwards. The force seems to be very strong that the impact caused the glass to be shattered into pieces. On the last part, you can see the remaining of the broken glass door closed again. The leaves outside the building are moving, suggesting that it windy that time.

Some believe believe that it was the wind that caused the glass door to open. However, we don’t need to be an engineer for us to say that hydraulic doors are hard to open. And if the wind was so strong, why only one portion of the door was opened at a time? Why not both instead? And why was the left side opened outwards instead of inwards?

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Another commentator suggested that there is another entrance door nearby that was opened, which caused the left portion of the door to open outwards. However, Jay Ong replied to him, saying that his father is working in that building, and that there is no other door on that floor. He also emphasized that he is not saying that there is a ghost in that office.

What do you think?

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