Watch: Girl Woke Up by Friend Saying That Her Boyfriend is Outside, Worst Prank Ever (Funny Video)

A female netizen named Jenny Gamboa was enjoying her sleep, when suddenly her friend wakes her up, telling her that her boyfriend is outside and visited her. But shortly after she got off her bed and went to see her guest, she suddenly realized that she actually don’t have a boyfriend at all. Watch her priceless reaction on the funny video below.

As shared by Jenny Gamboa in her own Facebook page this Sunday, July 31, the 33-second viral video shows her sleeping inside her room. Shortly, her female friend woke her up. But because she is in deep sleep, her friend called her name four times, and even moved her arm. On the fifth call, Jen woke up and slowly opened her eyes

“Jen, gising. Yung boyfriend mo nandyan, nasa labas. (Jen, wake up. Your boyfriend is outside)” The woman told Jenny, as she takes video of Jenny suddenly getting off the bed and went outside the room. You can hear Jenny’s friend trying to control her laugh, as poor Jenny rushing to see her boyfriend. But after a few steps, Jen stopped and turned around.

“Gaga ka. Wala akong boyfriend! (You dumb. I have no boyfriend!)” Jen tells her friend, who can’t stop laughing as she continue filming the awkward moment. You can also see Jen with a priceless reaction on her face, realizing that she is loveless. She dropped her body on the bed, as her friend burst into laughter. Jen described it as worst prank ever.

Jen’s video was shared in various Facebook groups, Tee Radio, Filipino Vines, and has now over 1 million Shares at And although she has really no boyfriend, she admits being happy that her video somehow made netizens smile. And yes, Jen proved that being single doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot share good vibes to the world!