Watch: Fr Bert Alejo Secretly Coaches Edgar Matabato During Senate Hearing? (Video)

Fr. Bert Alejo SJ secretly coached Edgar Matabato during the Senate hearings. This is now the common response of by netizens who saw the video clip where the Catholic priest was seen making unusual movements in the audience when Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto is questioning Matabato. Watch the video below very closely.

“I now remember where I first heard the name of Fr. Alejo, the priest who wired money to Ms. Guillermina Arcilla (as in photos) the whistleblower. His name has been niggling at me because I know I’ve read his name somewhere. And then I remembered.” Krizette Laureta Chu wrote on Facebook this Monday, April 10.

“Fr. Alejo was also the same guy who brought Matobato to the Senate and kept him “safe.” He was always at the Senate hearings too. I had a pic of him attending but I cant remember san ko nalagay. He was always sitting sa likod ni Matobato. You can watch videos of the hearings and try to spot him.” She added.

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This led Sass Rogando Sasot to share a video clip of a Senate hearing where Fr. Bert Alejo can be seen sitting in the audience behind Sen. Tito Sotto. The Catholic priest is apparently seated in such a way that Matabato could easily see him. In that scene, Fr. Alejo crossed his legs, checked his collar, touched his mustache, and rubbed his eyes.

Fr. Bert Alejo is the same Catholic priest that Guillermina “Mina” Barrido Arcillas (or Grace Arcillas) has earlier mentioned as the among who coached her in inventing lies in her tesimony President Rodrigo Duterte at the International Criminal Court (ICC). She also mention a certain Jonel, who represented Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

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Arcillas, a businesswoman from Davao City, added that Atty. Jude Sabio was also part of the team who offered her P1 million bribe money for her fake testimony vs President Duterte, adding that she already received P300,000 as initial payment. Atty. Sabio is the lawyer of Edgar Matabato, who accused Duterte of being behind the Davao Death Squad (DDS).



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