Watch: ‘Fortuner Driver’ Who Kicked and Punched Taxi Driver Identified, Denies It Was Him (Video)

A Toyota Fortuner driver was caught on video kicking and punching a taxi driver, after the taxi slightly bumped the fast-coming car in Quezon City early this month. The SUV owner was later identified as Jean Pierre L. San Jose, who denied that he was the one who attacked the taxi driver, saying it was his driver. Watch the TV Patrol news video below.

Based on the CCTV video, the incident took place last November 11 in Barangay Laging Handa, QC at around 2:10 pm. As you can see, video, the taxi is slowly approaching the intersection when suddenly, the black Toyota Fortuner appeared and was slightly hit on the left side by the taxi. The SUV driver immediately got off his vehicle and kicked the taxi driver.

As the taxi was leaving, the beastmode driver can be seen going back to the taxi driver, and punched and licked him again. The two vehicles then left the scene, but the Toyota Fortuner was seen as bearing the plate number ZKE 617, and was owned by Mr. San Jose. He was identified by a witness named Cesar Cabidog, a Barangay Tanod (watcher).

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Cabidog said he saw San Jose punching the taxi driver, adding that the car driver escaped when he was about to call a traffic investigator. After the initial investigation, it was learned that the said Toyota Fortuner was last registered on December 1, 2015. Therefore, it is not registered at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) when the incident happened.

Meanwhile, Jean Pierre L. San Jose admitted that he is owner of the said Fortuner. However, he categorically denied that he punched and kicked the poor taxi driver. He said it was his driver who was driving the SUV at that time, and that he is willing to bring him to the police for investigation, adding that he is also ready for a settlement with the taxi driver.

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Nevertheless, Lawyers for Commuters Safety and Protection founder Atty. Ariel Inton said that they already filed a case against Mr. San Jose, so that his driver license will be revoked. He emphasized that road bullies should not be allowed to drive. As of posting, the taxi driver has not yet been identified. He is being requested to file a formal complaint.



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