Watch: Filipino Student Picks Up Used Plastic Cups to Sell Them for His ‘Baon’ (Video)

A Filipino high school student was captured on video, picking up used plastic cups inside their school. Later, he will sell them and use the money for his daily ‘baon’ (school needs). The male student was seen still wearing his school uniform, enduring the foul smell from the garbage, and not caring if his classmates will bully or laugh at him. Watch his inspring video below.

“Habang ang mga mag-aaral ay nagkakainan, nagsasayahan, nagkukulitan, at nag uuwian. Itong kamag-aral namin ay namumulot ng mga plastic cups sa sulok, likod at basurahan ng paaralan upang ma-ibenta para may ipang baon sa pang-araw-araw sa paaralan.” Robert Costo wrote on the caption to his video he uploaded on Facebook this Thursday, February 25, 2016, giving credits to 10-F Silang.

(While other students are eating, having fun and going home, our classmate is picking up used plastic cups in trash cans and every corners of our school, so he can sell them and the money for his daily school needs.)

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Costo noted that he is happy to know that are still students who will do everything just to support his studies. He added that he and his classmates see him smile every time he gets a lot of plastic cups, despite the fact that his student life is hard. And because of this, Robert advised all students not to waste time and to study hard, and should realize how lucky they are.

The netizen also reminded his fellow students the sacrifices of every parent just to have food on the table and for their school needs. He emphasized that his classmate should serve as an inspiration, and to be as industrious as him. On the last part, he expressed his admiration for his classmate, and that he hopes the latter will have a bright future.

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PARA SA INYO AT SA MGA MAG-AARALHabang ang mga mag-aaral ay nagkakainan, nagsasayahan, nagkukulitan, at nag uuwian….

Posted by Robert Costo on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

After we did some research, we learned that the name of the student in the video is Ramil Gutierrez. According to his Facebook About age, he is studying at Sta. Maria Agro-Industrial High School in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. On his latest post, he admits not being on top of the class, but he emphasized that picking up used plastic cups and sell them is a decent way to earn money.

We at TN also admire Ramil Gutierrez for proving that poverty is never an excuse to strive harder in life. And of course, thanks to Robert Costo for uploading his video. We also learned from comments that many people were inspired by his video, and that they plan to help him. So, if you also want to give him a helping hand or probably some gifts, visit his Facebook page here.

And just like what Robert Costo wrote, “Saludo kami sayo, Ramil!”



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