Watch: Filipino Gerard Jessie Sets Record for Most Lit Candles Extinguished by Farting (Video)

Believe it or not, Gerard Jessie from the Philippines has set a world record for the most number of lit candles extinguished by farting (utot in Tagalog). And yes, you can watch him showcase his extraordinary talent with your own eyes on the video below. In fact, you can also hear that ridiculous sound his fart has created. But don’t worry, you will not able to smell it.

As you can see on the YouTube video by Record Setter, Gerard Jessie positioned himself on the floor with his two legs upward and his right hand holding a tube towards his butt. This tube serves as the funnel for his fart to blow the candles. To help him out, another man holds a piece of wood that acts as a stand for the five lit candles, and placed it near the end of the funnel.

Slowly but surely, Gerard farted as the other man placed the candles one by one nearer the fart funnel. And although you cannot clearly see the face of the Filipino guy while doing his incredible talent, you can see his body and legs move as he fart to blow all the 5 candles in less than 30 seconds. This only proves that the act is legit and has no cheating whatsoever.

Without a doubt, Gerard Jessie has successfully blew all the five candles by farting and has set a world record. But unfortunately for him, Guinness Book of Records has no title for the most lit candles extinguished by farting. Nevertheless, we are pretty sure that he has entertained a lot of viewers. But for us, the real hero here is the man holding the fart funnel.

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