Watch: EU Hopes Senate Will Not Pass Death Penalty, Not Proven Effective in Preventing Crimes (Video)

The European Union (EU) is very hopeful that the Philippine Senate will not pass death penalty bill in the country, emphasizing that there is no proof that capital punishment is effective in preventing crimes and illegal drugs. Nevertheless, it is still willing to work with President Rodrigo Duterte to fight illegal drugs in the Philippines.

“We have to look exactly at the timeline. We’d have to look at the formulation of the law and so on. So we still are so much hopeful that the Senate would not pass the law but we’ll see.” EU Ambassador Franz Jessen said in an exclusive interview with GMA Network journalist Howie Severino, aired this Thursday, April 27 via News To Go.

“The commonalities that we can work together is drugs, [it’s] not something you only have in the Philippines. We also have it in European countries, you have it in neighboring countries. In Europe, we look at drug abuse as being partly a social issue, partly a health issue and also, of course, very often they do crime.” Jessen added.

To fight illegal drugs, EU Ambassador Jessen noted that the most effective way to stop illegal drugs is make drug users feel that they are part of the society. He said that building rehabilitation center for drug users is a good way, but those who were cleaned and those are potentially become drug addicts should be given decent jobs, so that they can be better citizens.

Earlier this month, Jessen clarified that EU will not express its concern on the human rights situation in Philippines. Despite its strong opposition against the re-imposition of the death penalty in the country, he said that the country should still abide with its international commitments, particularly the respect for human rights of every citizen.

Last Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said that the death penalty bill is considered dead in the Senate. According to him, at least 13 senators are likely to vote against it, including seven senators from the majority bloc and six other others from the minority group, especially the Liberal Party (LP) senators and senators Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV and Risa Hontiveros.