Watch: Duterte’s War on Drugs Explained, and Possible Suspects of Extrajudicial Killings (Video)

As we all know, many Filipinos are accusing some local media networks and websites for being bias in their news reports on the intensified campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte against illegal drugs. But because the international community are only relying on what they read, below is an interesting video that explains what alleged bias reports do not.

As noted in the video uploaded at Can Thought Experiment Facebook page this Monday, September 12, the PNP (Philippine National Police) has already visited 555,018 houses across the country from July 1 to August 30, 2016 via Operation Tokhang. This resulted to 12,920 drug suspects arrested via 815 search warrants, with 895 suspects being killed.

Nevertheless, the report also noted that 626,368 people (drug pushers and drug users) have voluntarily surrendered. By doing simple math, around 97.84 percent of the total reported drug personalities have surrendered, 2.02 percent were arrested, and only 0.14 percent of them were killed. But then, the figure above talks about police operations only.

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The 5:30-minute video then featured a part of President Duterte’s first SONA (State of the Nation Address) last July 25. As you can hear his speech, the president said that he will give his unwavering support to all police officers who are doing their job well. But then, he also warned of receiving hell as punishment to those who will abuse their authority.

In a separate video clip, President Duterte can be heard saying that it is not part of the job of the police to kill suspects who did not resist arrest. But once the lives of the police is in danger, he said that they have the authority to kill the suspects. However, the president stressed out that one bullet is enough, and that there’s no need to put tape on their faces.

On the last part, the theory of the possible suspects of the extrajudicial killings was explained, First, the killings could possibly done by competing drug cartels themselves. Second, it could also be the drug lords who are afraid that their illegal business will be caught. Third, criminals not related to drugs are just using the issue to confuse the police.

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Apparently, the current reports of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines have already reached the knowledge of the United Nations (UN) and even became a hot topic of President Duterte in his speech during the recent ASEAN Summit in Laos. Many Duterte supporters believe that some bias media make it appear that the president is approving it.



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