Watch: Duterte Supporters in Camiguin Were Harassed, Noordin Romualdo Says (Video)

Noordin Efigenio M. Romualdo confirmed that Duterte supporters in Camiguin were harassed by the camp of Camiguin Gov. Jurdin Jesus ‘JJ’ Romualdo. The harassment were purportedly done to prevent the people to attend the presidential campaign rally of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte. Watch his video interview below.

According to the Duterte camp, Mambajao residents were advised not to join the Duterte campaign rally. In addition, there were series of intimidation during the preparation for the event, such as cutting off electrical power. The owner of the sound system was allegedly told that he will not be allowed to do business again.

“The LGU is making it hard for us to hold a rally. But more than that, it is making it hard for the people of the beautiful island of Camiguin who want real change.” Peter Laviña, spokesperson and chief of Duterte media team, earlier said, noting that the harassments came from the Romualdo clan, a member of the Liberal Party (LP).

During the interview, former Camiguin Mayor Noordin Romualdo, JJ Romualdo’s brother, said they they were initially not given permits to hold the rally, electrical supply were cut off to distract the preparation, and residents were afraid to join the assembly. Noordin is a Duterte supporter, while JJ is supporting LP presidentiable, Mar Roxas.

In addition, Noordin said that his family conducted medical missions in five Camiguin towns so that people will not attend the Duterte-Cayetano rally. But despite all the attempts to intimidate Duterte supporters, there were 3,000-5,000 people who reportedly joined the event this Wednesday, March 23 at the Mambajo Freedom Park.

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During the his campaign rally, Mayor Rody Duterte slammed the Romualdo political dynasty for lording at Camiguin for a long time. “And you know when that happens, the feudal lords begin to think they own the place and the people. Baho na nga style (That style stinks)” The tough-talking presidentiable said in front of his supporters.

On the other hand, Camiguin Rep.Xavier Jesus “XJ” Romualdo denied the allegations of harassment to Duterte supporters in his area. “cheap excuse just because they can’t produce a huge turnout” Congressman XJ” Romualdo (@xjromualdo) tweeted that day along with the link to a news report about the issue. He is running for reelection.

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Apparently, the Romualdo clan has virtually created a political dynasty in Camiguin for the past 20 years. XJ Romualdo is the brother of Gov. Jurdin Jesus ‘JJ’ Romualdo, whose wife, Mambajo Mayor Baby Romualdo, is now running for governor of Camiguin. The late Pedro P. Romualdo, XJ’s father, was elected Camaguin Rep for five terms.

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