Watch: Duterte Reveals Book Containing Catholic Church Scandals (Mocha Uson Interview Part 3 Video)

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte slammed the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for the nth time, and even cursed at some Filipino bishops whom he said are worst than him. He also urged all Filipinos to read ‘Altar of Secrets,’ a book that reveals the alleged corruption and scandals of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.

In the Part 3 of the Mocha Uson exclusive interview with Duterte, the incoming president once again expressed his anger over CBCP’s campaign against him in the recent elections. Duterte repeated his earlier statement, where he told voters, “Don’t vote for me or you will go to hell,” as a response to CBCP’s strong call to not vote for him.

Duterte, who will take his oath as the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines this Thursday, June 30, told Mocha Uson that the election is a referendum where 16 million Filipino voters chose him over the Catholic Church. He reiterated that he will not die if he will not become president, noting that CBCP bishops looked stupid when he won.

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The incoming president then concluded that all those who attended his Miting de Avance wanted to go to hell, with Mocha Uson saying that she is one of them. According to official results from the Comelec (Commission on Elections), Duterte had 16,601,997 votes, higher than the 15,208,678 votes for outgoing President Noynoy Aquino.

“Ang mga put****na, may mga kabit din! (Those son of a b**ch, they also have mistresses!)” Duterte told Mocha Uson, urging the Filipinos to read ‘Altar of Secrets’ by veteran journalist Aries Rufo and said that it contains all the scandals of Filipino, including their names. Apparently, he mistakenly called the book as ‘Secrets of the Altar.’

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The ‘Altar of Secrets’ book, which is still available online, was launched in 2013 and is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Rufo, who passed away in September 2015 at the age of 45, noted that his book is not against the CBCP or the Catholic Church as a whole, but rather to expose the sexual misconduct and corruption of some bishops and priests.