Watch: Drunk ‘QC Councilor’ in Traffic Altercation, Let Go By Police? (Video)

Drunk driver councilor Quezon City

This coming 2016 election, we will elect future government officials. But if these so-called public servants will behave like the man on the video below, you don’t need to guess what will happen to our country. Common sense tell us that drunk driving is very dangerous, but it becomes more dangerous when the people who should set an example will do it. Watch.

The video was uploaded by a certain Yan Bote on Facebook on Sunday, October 18. As you can see, the unidentified man wearing black shirt is involved in a traffic altercation. You can hear him repeatedly claiming that he is a councilor as he waves a car plate with “Councilor” on it. He cursed at the man taking the video, and denied that he is drunk, but obviously he is.

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“Along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Plate number ACA 7111. Lasing na lasing yung driver tapos nang gulpi ng driver ng delivery van at nanghampas ng dumadaang kotse. Tapos nanggigitgit ng mga sasakyan. 12 am nangyari kanina lang. Di man lang hinuli ng mga pulis. Hinayaan pa magdrive kahit lasing at may mga nagrereklamo dun.” Yan Bote wrote.

(Along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Plate number ACA 7111. The driver was very drunk, and beat up the driver of a delivery van and hit cars passing by. Then, he is getting the way of other vehicles. It happened 12 midnight last night. The police did not even apprehend him. They even let him drive even if he is drunk and people have already complained about him.)

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Apparently, two policemen were also present at the scene. Although one of them said they are trying to pacify the drunk driver, they seem to be not in control of the situation. At one point, the “councilor” tried to approach the man behind the camera. He even invited him for a fistfight and repeatedly swear at him, as the latter continues to document the incident.

The cameraman then asks the police if they will allow the angry driver drive despite being drunk, and one of them can be heard saying, “May kasama naman” (He has a companion.) The last part of the video shows the drunken man on the driver’s seat, and it’s not clear as to whether the police allowed him to leave or not. But we know you can easily guess.

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Note: The video contains foul language and is not suited for young audience. Watch with caution.

As of posting, the identity of the ‘councilor’ and the two kind policemen remains unknown.

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