Watch: Drug Surrenderers in Olongapo Now Earning Money as Casket Makers (Video)

Former drug pushers and users, including a certain Benigno Aquino (a namesake of the former president) are now earning money the legal way. Creepy as it is, these individuals are now working as casket (kabaong) makers. Thanks to Olongapo City Mayor Rolen Paulino and his Casket Manufacturing and Training Facility that are now helping them. Watch the news video below.

As reported at TV Patrol this Monday, October 17, these so-called drug reformists in Olongapo City are now busy making caskets as their source of income, after they surrendered to the authorities via “Oplan TokHang”, and promised to change for good. They now work at the livelihood project of the local government that started last September 29.

According to Benigno Aquino, who confessed being hooked into drugs for seven years, he has not seen his child for 10 months after his wife left him and brought their child with her. He added that he regrets his old life, and that he is now a changed man, and will do his best to be a better father. Aquino is only one of the 400 drug surrenderers in Olongapo.

Earlier, Mayor Rolen Paulino said that the caskets will be given to to poor families whose family member has passed away, adding that this is a better option than giving them a P5,000-burial assistance. Likewise, this casket-making livelihood project is also a big help the drug surrenderers, especially that people like them are having a hard time getting a job.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police (PNP) records show that as of October 17, 6 am, 745,438 drug suspects have already surrendered, where 691,193 of them are users. On the other hand, 31,072 anti-illegal drug operations have already been conducted, and 1,655 drug suspects have been killed after they reportedly fought back or resisted arrest.

So far, the police have already visited 2,183,472 houses under Project Tokhang. However, 13 police officers and 3 military officers have been killed by the drug suspects who fought back. In addition, 40 police and 8 military personnel were wounded. President Rodrigo Duterte has requested for another 6 months for his intensified campaign against illegal drugs.