Watch: Disgusting Fruit Vendor Spits on Retailed Durian Before Packing (Video)

A fruit vendor in the street was caught on dashboard camera spitting on durian before he pack it inside a plastic. Sad to say, the stomach-turning act was done for every retailed pack of durian he completes. And yes, he does it in public while sitting comfortably in a mono bloc chair, right in front of the fruit stand. Watch video below.

As you can see, the man gets a prepared retail of durian inside a Styrofoam pack and appears to be blowing on it. But if you will look closely, he spits on it. Then, he carefully wraps it using plastic until it is fully covered. He did the same thing on the second pack, including the spitting. Shortly, a man (his boss probably) saw his evil act but ignored it.

The so-called ‘dura sa durian’ video is now going viral on Facebook, as it is being shared by Filipino netizens, warning everyone who loves to buy packed durian. But because there was no mention as to where the disgusting durian street vendor sells, we investigated further, and we found out that the video was not taken in the Philippines.

We learned that the video was first uploaded this Wednesday, May 18 at the Facebook page of The Star Online, a news outlet in Malaysia. It should be noted that the full video is 1:47 minutes long, while the viral one is only 39 seconds. The shorter version did not show the supposed owner of the fruit stand going back, but obviously ignoring the act.

According to a commenter to the original version, the gruesome scenario happened in the streets of Gombak District in Selangor, Malaysia. Apparently, someone who was standing near the fruit stand, saw the unhygienic act, until the police arrived. We can therefore assume that the culprit was arrested, probably including the store owner.

Dura sa durian comment

But while we are happy that this gruesome act did not happen in the Philippines, we know that there are some incidents where food is not being prepared properly, and was also caught on video. As customers, we strongly suggest that all of us should take caution when buying food in the streets. It’s also better if we buy the whole fruit instead.