Watch: Disabled Thief Caught on CCTV Stealing Wallet Inside Mall Arcade (Video)

A disabled man (pilay) was caught on camera stealing a wallet of a lady who was then playing inside a mall arcade. Based on the date on the CCTV footage, the robbery happened this Monday, June 27 at around 3 pm. This only proves that the robber is not afraid of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Watch the video below very closely.

According to the caption of the 32-second video uploaded at Caught On CCTV Facebook page, the incident happened at SM City San Mateo, in Rizal. As you can see, a man with a sling and wearing blue shirt is standing near the indoor basketball inside the said mall. Shortly, he went closer to the right side of a woman who was then playing basketball.

After less than 10 seconds, the disabled thief attempted to pick the woman’s wallet but failed. He tried it again and was successful. He looked at it for awhile, and then slowly walked away. The video ended with the woman not knowing that her wallet has been stolen. The video suggests that the woman she was playing with is her companion.

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Some commenters said they believe that the man is not really disabled, and that it is only a modus operandi so that no one will think that he is a thief. On the other hand, many netizens noted that the suspect can easily be caught if only there is an assigned personal watching the CCTV in real time. Security should also be tightened as well.

As of posting, we don’t know the name of the poor victim, and if the suspect has been arrested or still at large. But if he is still free, we think that the CCTV can help a lot in solving the crime. Meanwhile, we strongly suggest that people in public places should be extra careful. If you cannot keep your personal things, don’t leave them unattended.



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