Watch: Daniel Padilla Endorses Mar Roxas, Asks Him Solution to Metro Manila Traffic (Video)

Daniel Padilla endorses Mar Roxas for president in the coming 2016 presidential election, and asked him the possible solutions for the heavy traffic in Metro Manila. Although the young actor did not directly endorse it’s very obvious that he is supporting the administration’s presidential candidate. Watch Daniel as he interviews Mar Roxas on the video below.

Padilla, who is other half of the famous love team KathNiel with Kathryn Bernardo, tweeted a link to his YouTube video titled, “Traffic Episode” this Friday, November 6. This is the first installment in a series, “Tanong ni Daniel Padilla Para sa Kabataan” and was uploaded by YouTube user, Carla Ford. Incidentally, this is the real name of Karla Estrada, Daniel’s mother.

The Daniel Padilla interview to Roxas video was shot in the actor’s house in Quezon City. The Kapamilya hearthrob started by saying that there are a lot of serious issues that the youth should know such as education, traffic and calamity. He then said that we need someone who is directly knowledgeable on these issues, and later welcomes Mar Roxas to his home.

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After some introductory scenes, Padilla invited Roxas for a coffee and they were later seen sitting on a table. The 20-year old ‘Pangako Sa’Yo’ star then asked him how the worsening traffic in Metro Manila can be solved, adding that this is one the concerns of the youth. The LP presidential bet started his answer with, “Parating na ang solusyon dyan.” (The solution is coming.)

Roxas, who has Leni Robredo as his running mate, told Padilla about the ongoing construction of the North Luzon and South Luzon Expressway connector (NLEX-SLEX Connector Road). He described as a solution to decongest the heavy traffic in EDSA because vehicles that will travel from north to south (and vice versa) will now have an alternative route.

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Roxas noted that the Aquino government is now working on changing the system of granting franchises to public utility buses (PUBs), emphasizing that there’s no other city in the world where these buses have different owners. He added that it will be better for bus drivers to have a fixed salary instead of commission-based to avoid hoarding of passengers and road accidents.

“Makakaasa kang malinis, maayos at mangyayari itong mga proyekto natin.” (Expect that these projects are clean, organized, and will be implemented), Mar told Daniel on the last part of the interview. The video ended with the hashtag #DanielMarPaMore, suggesting that there will be more Daniel Padilla-Mar Roxas interviews to be uploaded soon.

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As of posting, Daniel Padilla has 4.58 million Twitter followers and his tweet was retweeted 4.8K times, many of his fans were not happy that he is using his influence in campaigning for a presidentiable. Nevertheless, some of them said they don’t care, and there are those who said he should have endorsed other presidential candidates instead of Mar Roxas.

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