Watch: Cute Pinay Driver Pissed With Heavy Traffic, Twerks in the Middle of the Street (Video)

Pinay driver pissed heavy traffic twerks street

A cute, pretty Pinay driver got pissed off when she was stuck in heavy traffic near Mandaluyong. To release her anger, she got out of the car and danced in the middle of the street. Well, you can be sure that she did this simply because she herself documented every detail of it. Watch the video below.

Meet Jan-jannie Loudette Vicencio Alipo-on, who posted her 31-second video on her Facebook page this Sunday, August 23. On the caption she wrote, “This traffic mess in metro Manila is really pissing me off. Grrrrr… I need get this out of my system. #NowImMad #traffic #Manila #OnlyInThePhilippines #BeastMode”

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“Every day, traffic. Whole day na lang, rush hour. And it’s a Sunday!!! Now I’m mad. Now I’m pissed. Let’s do this!!!” Jan-jannie angrily said (but still cute) on her video. Then, she removed her seatbelt and got off her car. But no, she didn’t attack a fellow driver or an MMDA traffic officer. Instead, she danced to the remixed version of Fun’s ‘We Are Young’ in front of her car.

Wearing a white shorts, Jan-jannie twerks in the middle of the street as if there’s no more tomorrow. And although her dance performance last for only about 5 minutes, you can see that she really dances well. And if her pretty face seem to look familiar to you, well, she is a former member for the 24k Girls of ABS-CBN’s game show, ‘Kapamlya: Deal or No Deal.’

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Credit: Jan-jannie Loudette Vicencio Alipo-on Facebook

As of posting, the viral video has 3,534 Shares and more than 1,350 comments. But of course, not all commenters are happy. Some of them said that she just did this for fame, while some women said they were ashamed for what she did. Well, we at TN think that if that’s her way of relieving stress, so be it.

And yes, we think that the dance performance was cute. At least, the twerk was not done in a noontime show.

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