Watch: China Woman Removes Clothes in Public After Boyfriend Didn’t Buy iPhone 6S for Her (Video)

China woman naked public iPhone6S

Petty quarrels and disagreements are normal when it comes to relationship, and sometimes couples could not control their anger in public. But the Chinese woman on the blurred video below did something worst than you can ever imagine. And yes, she took off her clothes in public after her boyfriend did not buy her an iPhone 6S. Note: The video is not suitable for young audience.

According to Malaysian Chinese news site, Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the bizarre incident took place in a subway station in Nanjing, China. As you can see on the video taken by an unknown person, it happened on September 18, 2015 at around 8:48 pm. At first, the Chinese woman can be seen apparently shouting at her boyfriend in front of people passing by.

Shortly, she pulled down her pants, and then her shirt, throwing it away. It didn’t take long when she also took off her underwear. She continues to scream at her boyfriend, and started to attract attention from passers-by. But instead of calming her down and giving her clothes back, the man also continues to argue with her.

The boyfriend left her but the woman followed him even if she has no clothes on. The couple started to push each other, while passers-by did not seem to care. Later, the woman pulled the man off to somewhere but the man refused. Shortly, a concern Chinese elderly picked up her clothes and helped her put them on.

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However, it remains unknown as to whether the man eventually bought her girlfriend her dream iPhone 6S or not. What we know is that her attitude is totally unacceptable, whatever she is angry for. It is also disturbing is that no one (especially her boyfriend) did not attempt to cover her immediately. But more importantly, couples should settle their issues privately.



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