Watch: China Congratulates Presumptive President Duterte, Hopes for Friendly Talks (Video)

China congratulated presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte this Monday, May 16, despite the on-going territorial dispute in Western Philippine Sea with the Philippines. The Chinese government, through its Foreign Ministry, acknowledged the election as smooth, with Duterte consistently leading the election results. Watch the video below.

“China has noted presidential election in the Philippines wrapped up smoothly, we express congratulations to the newly-elected president, Mr. (Rodrigo) Duterte.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said in a regular press conference in Beijing, China, as translated to English from Mandarin language.

“A sound and stable China-Philippines relationship serves the two countries’ common interest and lives up to the expectation of the people. China acknowledges the importance of a good relationship with the Philippines, and is willing to properly deal with the new Philippine government regarding disputes.” Lei added.

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The Chinese spokesperson noted that Chinese government is hoping to bring back the bilateral ties with the Philippines on its track through friendly dialogues, and that the new Philippine government can team up with China, and share the same attitude and aspirations, echoing the earlier statement of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang.

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Nevertheless, China has rejected Duterte’s inquiry for a multilateral approach that will involve Australia, Japan, and the U.S, as well as other countries that have declared claims of territory over South China Sea, insisting that the talks should only involve countries that are directly involved in the matter, that is, China and Philippines only.

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Meanwhile, the Duterte camp has been consistently slamming Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for visiting China for 16 times, without the knowledge of the military. Trillanes, who trailed second to the last in the recent vice-presidential race, admitted being assigned by President Noynoy Aquino as a ‘backdoor negotiator’ with China.

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And because Trillanes never disclosed the results of his meetings with China, calling them as ‘top secret, the Duterte camp said that PNoy and Trillanes could face treason. Recently, the senator said that Duterte could be impeached once sitted as president for consistently announcing that the Philippines has already lost claim over Scarborough.