Watch: Cebu Pacific’s Atty JR Mantaring Speaks on Flight Attendant Slapping Incident (Video)

Atty. JR Mantaring, officer-in-charge of Cebu Pacific Corporate Affairs, spoke to the media this Monday, August 1, on the recent incident where a passenger slapped a flight attendant named Madel Ty. This is after the latter supposedly refused to stow the passenger’s luggage bag, saying that it was not part of their job. Watch the video below.

According to Atty Mantaring, there was a misunderstanding between a flight attendant and the said passenger, and that as the lead cabin crew of the flight. Madel Ty came in to assist the passenger. He also noted that the primary job description of flight attendants or cabin crew members is to handle the security and safety of all the passengers inside the plane.

The Cebu Pacific officer added that cabin crew members may also assist passenger in stowing their luggage bags into the overhead bin. Nevertheless, he clarified that it is not their responsibility to lift the luggage bags. He said that would be it would be an unimaginable situation for a 180-passenger plane having only 4 flight attendants on board.

In addition, Atty Mantaring said that Madel Ty’s photo of her red-marked face clearly show that she was indeed hurt by the slapping of the passenger. He also stressed out that Cebu Pacific will provide full support and legal assistance to the concerned cabin crew member in case she pursue to file a court case against the passenger-in-question.

Atty Mantaring said that the case is still under thorough investigation. But in case the passenger will be proven guilty of slapping the flight attendant, he said that Cebu Pacific is planning to fully impose its blacklisting policy to her. This means that she will no longer be allowed to board any Cebu Pacific flight for the rest of her life.

On the last part of the interview, a reporter asked Atty Mantaring about the description of the passenger, citing some earlier reports that she was a doctor and a wife of a general. The Cebu Pacific officer declined to provide details about the passenger, but said that she board Cebu Pacific flight 5J 955, Manila-Davao last Saturday, July 30.

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Meanwhile, Cebu Pacific issued a separate statement on its official Facebook page, stating almost the same information that Atty Mantaring said on the interview. The airline reiterated that the case is still being investigated. Nevertheless, Cebu Pacific clarified again that stowing of bags is not part of the duty of cabin crew members.

Cebu Pacific statement slap flight attendant

“CEB wishes to clarify that its Cabin Crew’s primary duty is to ensure the safety and security of its passengers onboard the flight. Cabin Crew members are ready to assist passengers in carrying and properly stowing hand carried bags during boarding and deplaning, as necessary.” Cebu Pacific said, as part of its official statement.