Watch: Cebu Government Employees Sleeping at Noon, Despite ‘No Noon Break’ Sign (Video)

A group of government employees was seen sleeping on duty, and was captured on video. Ironically, the office has a ‘No Noon Break’ sign on its window. The video was taken at the Registry of Deeds in Cebu City, and was uploaded at CACPC (Citizens Against Crime, Poverty and Corruption) Facebook page this Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Watch below.

On the start of the video, there is an obvious ‘No Noon Break’ sign on Window #3 on the said government office, but no one is available to attend the public. Shortly, the camera shows most of its employees sleeping on their chairs. Many desks are empty, and some of them are doing personal activities. Only one of them is working on her computer, but is not providing services.

However, Republic Act No. 9485 (Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007) Section 8-e states that “Heads of offices and agencies which render frontline services shall adopt appropriate working schedules to ensure that all clients who are within their premises prior to the end of official working hours are attended to and served even during lunch break and after regular working hours.”

Back in 2011, Civil Service Commissioner chair Francisco T. Duque lll  already clarified that the ‘No Noon Break’ policy does not mean that government employees shall not eat lunch. Instead, it means that at least one employee should be available to provide services during lunch time, rotating all personnel. Therefore, he or she can eat lunch before 12 noon or after 1 pm.

We at TN totally understand that all employees should have a lunch break or break time. But just as the law states, government services should be served anytime of the working hours, including lunch time. Apparently, the video is question did not clear show if there are many clients waiting in line. But even if there’s none, it is not excuse to sleep during working hours.



Posted by CACPC Citizens Against Crime, Poverty and Corruption on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

To be fair with the employees of Registry of Deeds in Cebu City, we made some research about the said video. We found out that the same video was shared by a certain Dexter Ryan on February 12, 2014 (yes, last year) and tagged the office of Cebu City’s Registry of Deeds Facebook page. However, we did not find any response from the said government office.