Watch: Catholic Priest Shakes and Hits Children’s Heads During Mass (Video)

A Catholic priest was seen hitting children on their head during a Holy Mass. The scene was captured on video and was first posted on Facebook by a certain Gustavo Barriga this Tuesday, January 19, 2016. It is now going viral, and receiving mostly negative comments. Watch closely the creepy video below, and see for yourself how the priest hurt the children.

As you can see, the children are falling in line approaching the altar where the priest is waiting for them. Once the kids stop in front of the priest, he shakes their heads one by one and hit them at the back of their head to push them away. Some of the kids were obviously hurt, but the priest seems not to care at all. The camera also showed the long line of children.

At some point, you can see one boy avoided him by crawling on the floor but the priest kicked him. Also, one girl tried to cover her head but the priest still insisted on shaking her head. Near the end of the video, one boy fell on the floor after the priest pushed him away. But apparently, the big children do not or had less suffer from the weird practice of the priest.

“Before I make my opinion on this wolf dressed in sheep. I want you to know that I respect the religions always and when aiga aducasion love and respect. If I had a son and this guy does this act to him, I’ll knock him out. My people, wake up, don’t be a fool going on animals for that guy.” A rough English translation of Gustavo Barriga’s caption on the video.

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ANTES DE HACER MI OPINION SOBRE ESTE LOBO VESTIDO DE OBEJA. QUIERO QUE SEPAN QUE YO RESPETO LAS RELIGIONES SIEMPRE Y CUANDO AIGA AMOR ADUCASION Y RESPETO. Si yo tubiera un hijo y este tipo le hace esto me haserco y lo tumbo de un madraso mi jente ya despierten no sean tontos paresen animalitos pasando asy por ese tipo.

Posted by Gustavo Barriga on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The name of the priest and the location of the church is not known. Nevertheless, the poster used Portuguese language. Some netizens believe that the church is in South America and children are going to the altar to receive communion. You can also see an image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on the altar, which we can assume that the children is praying for help 🙁



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