Watch: Brave Female Driver Faces Over 30 Illegal Counterflowing Vehicles (Video)

Yes, a female driver bravely faced more than 30 illegal counterflowing vehicles on a two-way road in an unnamed place here in the Philippines. Instead of driving her car in reverse, she did not give way for the undisciplined drivers and showed them that she is right. And although there were many of them, she did not hesitate to continue driving. Watch the video below.

At the start of the video shared at Filipino Community Facebook page, you can see a red Isuzu tuck counterflowing and stopped in front of her car. And while the song “All This Time” by Tiffany is played in the car, she focused her camera on the street sign that reads, “Two-Way Zone, No Counterflow” with big red arrows to emphasize the rule. But apparently, the truck driver seems to ignore it.

About a minute later, the truck driver’s helper got off and guide the truck to get back on the right lane. You can also see one driver who appears to be reminding them about ‘No Counterflow’ law. Shortly, the lady driver started to get angry at the truck driver but later kept her composure, not realizing that there are more counterflowing vehicles on her way.

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As the video continues, there were different kinds of vehicles counterflowing, from SUVs to small cars of different brands and a taxi as if they are in a one-way road. A motorcycle was also seen trying to counterflow but he was not successful. On the last part, the female driver could not help but angrily blow her horn loudly to show her disappointment.

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All in all, we saw 28 counterflowing vehicles. But no, we might be wrong because there were some of them that went back to the correct lane before the lady driver came in front of them. What we are sure is that these undisciplined drivers deserve to be exposed and should be stopped. And yes, you already know what to do with their plate numbers.



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