Watch: BOC Employee Insists Fake Facebook Account Insulted OFWs, Not Hers (Video)

BOC employee Roussel Tan TV Patrol interview

The controversial employee of the BOC (Bureau of Customs), who recently earned tons of online bashers, insisted that she was not the one who posted insulting words against OFWs. Roussel Osena Tan, whose real name is Maria Roussel O. Tan, was interviewed by TV Patrol reporter Niko Baua, and aired her side on the issue. Watch the news video below.

According to Tan, she thought of posting the side of BOC why the agency wants a random checking of balikbayan boxes. Here, she noted that there are OFWs who don’t declare some items on their packages, and even cited an example where an undeclared brand new refrigerator was discovered inside a package.

BOC employee Roussel Tan FB message

The BOC employee admitted that there are some corrupt officials and workers at BOC, but she said there are still many honest ones. She noted that the agency has been implementing some changes to improve the system. However, she said that the next day, she was surprised to know that there was a Facebook page under her name and has her photos. This account is now nowhere to be found.

On that Facebook page, Tan allegedly said that they are many crab-minded OFWs and that they should die in Luneta via firing squad. The posts immediately went viral and resulted to outrage of OFWs and netizens. An obvious fake news was even created, saying that she died inside her car. She said she does not have a car, and that she does not know how to drive.

BOC employee Roussel Tan insult OFWs

Tan begs the public to stop criticizing her and not to include her family and children in the issue. The BOC employee insisted that she never insulted OFWs, and that she is ready to undergo a lifestyle check to prove that she is not corrupt. She said she also hopes that the NBI will soon find the person who created the fake Facebook account to clear her name.

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As we have mentioned earlier, we are not defending Roussel Osena Tan. But as we did some research, we found two fake Facebook accounts using her name, this one; and this one. There is even a Community Page using her identity. All of them are still active as of posting and continue to earned tons of negative comments against her.

As far as Facebook is concern, we have witnessed many netizens becoming victims of cyberbullying in the past. Therefore, we suggest NBI Cybercrime Division to immediately check her deactivated Facebook page to see her previous posts. Anyone can reactivate his or her Facebook account anytime. But unfortunately, the deleted posts cannot be recovered.

We also would like to emphasize that we understand the feelings of OFWs, and we also will not tolerate any insult against them. However, we suggest that they be vigilant in reacting on issues. We suggest that we make a thorough research to make sure that the said account or post is not fake before we believe and share. Not everything on Facebook is real although they seem to be.



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