Watch: Blind Soldier Jerome Jacuba Speaks on National Heroes’ Day Dinner With President Duterte (Video)

Remember 2nd Lt. Jerome Jacuba, the blind solider who went viral after President Rodrigo became teary-eyed when he hugged him during his visit at the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center early this month? Well, he delivered an emotional speech in Malacañang this Monday, August 29, National Heroes Day. Watch the video below.

As earlier promised by President Duterte, 64 wounded soldiers from the Heroes Ward of V. Luna General Hospital joined him in a simple dinner in Malacañang, as part of the celebrating “Araw ng mga Bayani.” Jerome Jacuba, 28, who got blind when an IED exploded during a clearing operation in Maguindanao in early March, was among them.

“Madalas po ang sasabihin ko Magandang Gabi kahit umaga kasi palagi namang gabi ang pakiramdam ko” Jerome Jacuba said in the first part of his speech, adding that he locked himself in the hospital for 4 weeks, and felt hopeless. He stressed out that it was only when President Duterte personally talked to him that he became inspired again.

According to Jacuba, he still wanted to do other things but he can’t because he is already blind. He added that he now worries about the future of his children, knowing that he will never be able to see them dance and draw. Nevertheless, he said things has changed when President Duterte promised to reinvent him so he can still be productive.

“Kung kami man ay isang Bayani sir, ikaw yung Bayani ng mga Bayani, ikaw yung Bayani namin sir, ikaw yung nagbigay buhay, ikaw yung nag lift up ng morale naming mga sundalo, ikaw lang yung Preidente na nagikot lahat ng mga kampo, napaka sinsero yan talaga yung leader talaga na sinsero sa kanyang ginagawa.” The blind solider added.

Jerome Jacuba noted that he is now studying a computer course in a school for the blind. He then sincerely thanked President Duterte for giving him a laptop, and more importantly, hope, noting that he is only president so far who has been visiting soldiers, wounded or not. Lastly, the blind soldier promised to continue defending the country in any way he can.