Watch: ‘Beauty Queen Cop’ Sofia Loren Deliu Joins Duterte’s Security Team (Video)

Meet Police Inspector Sofia Loren Deliu, who was dubbed as the beauty queen cop. And yes, she is being set to join the security team of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte. This is after Duterte took time to talk with some policewomen from the Philippine National Police (PNP). Watch the GMA-7’s ‘Saksi’ news video below.

According to the report, President-elect Duterte talked to Sofia Loren Deliu and other lady cops this Sunday, May 22. And although she appears to be a photo bomber during the meeting, the beauty queen cop is a sure head turner. And why not? She made headline last year when she joined Miss Philippines-Earth 2015 and finished in 15th place.

Deliu, who is a half-Filipina, half-Romanian, joined the PNP in 2014 before she joined the Miss Philippines-Earth beauty pageant. She was then the chief supply officer at the PNP Regional Public Safety Battalion (formerly Regional Mobile Group). Her group supports the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), and anything related to rescue.

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Police Inspector Sofia Loren Deliu

“To help and to serve other people, my beloved country and the world as well. In addition, I want to be that woman inspiring other women that all things are possible and that gender is never a hindrance to whatever they would want to pursuit.” Sofia Loren Deliu wrote at as her ambition in life.

“I want to be the Miss Philippines Earth 2015 representing the Philippines because in line with my duty, which is to serve and protect, I will be able to actively implement environmental activities that involve the different stakeholders (national and international) in the community.” She wrote, when asked why she joined the beauty contest.

Now 26, the former Miss Philippines-Earth candidate graduated from Saint Louis University in Baguio City, and finished a bachelor degree in tourism management before she joined the Philippine National Police Academy. And yes, she was among the police officials assigned to protect the integrity of the recent 2016 presidential elections.