Watch: Beastmode Rider Punches Driver, Runs After Man Taking Video (Video)

Beastmode rider nanapak

A motorcycle rider punched a driver multiple times, and even ran after the man who was taking the video, which you can watch below. The name of the beastmode rider is not known, but you can clearly see his angry face on the video. On the other hand, the identity of the poor driver and his vehicle’s plate number are also not known.

According to the man who took the video, the driver of the red vehicle stopped in the middle of the road so that the tricycle drivers can make a U-turn. However, the rider (who was wearing a black leather jacket and red pants) suddenly made a cut that caused his motorcycle to fall down. He then punched the driver’s face at least five times.

You can hear on the background that some tricycle drivers are shouting at the rider. One of them told him to talk to the driver instead of punching him. Shortly, the beastmode rider noticed the man taking video of the incident. He ran after him, but the man was able to walk away. The rider decided to leave, while the poor driver left ahead of him.

We could not find any details as to when and where exactly the incident took place. However, the man who took the video identified himself as RB. He sent the video to Bassilyo, who uploaded it on his Facebook page yesterday, Wednesday, August 19, 2015. The said video has now more than 383,000 views and 4,210 Shares.

Beastmode rider nanapak FB post

Credit: Bassilyo Facebook

And although the video does not show how the incident stared, it is very clear that the rider used his fists and hurt the driver very badly. We at TN suggest that the poor driver will file a formal complaint against the beastmode rider. We believe he should not be afraid because there are many witnesses who can support him.

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