Watch: Beast Mode Taxi Driver Threatens Female Passenger Over Unreasonable Fare (Video)

A best mode taxi driver threatened his female passenger after they had a disagreement with the fare. Luckily, she was brave enough to capture a part of the incident and posted the video on her Facebook page this Tuesday, January 5, 2016. Watch the video below, where it’s clearly seen that the plate number of the taxi cab is UWB666.

On the video, you can hear the taxi driver insisting that Joanna A.Garcia agreed with the P250 fare. On the other hand, the female passenger told him that they had no such agreement, noting she even advised him to use the meter. Her female passenger tried to pacify the situation by telling him that they are both working very hard just to earn money.

Shortly, the driver (who was wearing dark sunglasses) went ballistic and shouted at them. He angrily told his passengers to get off the taxi, and threatened them. The video is only 45 seconds long, but Garcia wrote other details of the incident that was not caught on film. and explained what happened. Below is the rough translation of her Facebook post:

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#UWB666 eto po ang pinaka nakakatakot na driver na nasakyan ko.. from sm north po sumakay ako sa nakapilang taxi … sabi niya sakin 250 daw sabi ko naman naka metro naman kuya… And so i thought ok n si kuya sa metro… pero nung nasa POEA n kami inabot ko kay kuya ung 200 expecting a 50 change… din bigla nalang nagsisigaw si kuya eh GAGO ka pala, eh dapat nga 350 tapos sabi m sakin ikaw bahala at metro nalang.. so sabi kuya kaya nga i metro so 140 lang… tapos 3 beses ako ulit minura ayaw ibigay ang sukli, tapos sabi sakin ni kuya sasapakin ako pag di ako bumababa, nung makita nya na vinideo ko sya pinukpuk nya ako.. so bumababa na ako and nagstop ng video.. pero hinabol nya ako sa baba then mukhang sasapakin so sabi ko hali ka kuya sige subukan mo tapos natakot nalang sya dahil me mga tao and puro lalake nakatingin saknya and tinatawag ako para tawagin ung police… tsaka lang humarurot si kuya… una po high si kuya at kung ano ano pinagsasabi, pangalawa sana etong ganitong driver hindi kinukuha… papatay talaga si kuya literal… #nakakatakot sya sobra.#pakisharepo #walangnamengdriver

Posted by Jordie Lag on Monday, January 4, 2016


Beast mode taxi driver Philippines 2016

Credit: Jordie Lag Facebook

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“He is the scariest taxi driver I ever encountered. We rode a taxi at SM North EDSA, where taxi cabs are falling in line. He told me that the fare is P250, and I told him to use the meter instead. So, I thought we had an agreement to use the meter. When we reached POEA, I gave him P200 and expected a P50-change. But he suddenly cursed at me and insisted that the fare should be P350, saying that I pay whatever amount and agreed to use the meter. So, I insisted that the fare should be P140 only because we will use the meter.

Then, he cursed at me three times and didn’t want to give me the change. He even said he will hurt me if we don’t get off his taxi. He also hit me on my head when he noticed that I was taking video of him, so I got off and stopped filming. But he still chased me and attempted to hit me again. But apparently, he got scared when he realized that there are people around and all of them are men. They called me and told me to ask help from the police. That was when he immediately drove his taxi away.”

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On the last part, Joanna A.Garcia suggested that the best mode taxi driver could be high on drugs because of his weird reactions. She added that such kind of drivers should not be hired. As of posting, the taxi driver has not yet been identified. Because of fear for her safety, the female passenger changed her Facebook name and profile photo.

The video has now nearly 12,500 Shares and has been shared to Top Gear Philippines, LTFRB, and various PNP Facebook pages. Please SHARE this post so we can help solve this case immediately. Again, the plate number of the taxi is UWB666.

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