Watch: Australian TV Comedy Show ‘The Weekly’ Makes Fun of President Duterte’s War vs Drugs (Video)

The Australian TV show ‘The Weekly with Charlie Pickering’ made fun out of President Duterte’s war vs drugs in one of its latest episodes. This satirical news TV show is hosted by comedian Charlie Pickering, who is joined by fellow comedians Tom Gleeson, Kitty Flanagan, and Adam Briggs. Watch the said segment video about President Duterte below.

In the Episode 5 of Season 3 of ‘The Weekly’ aired at ABC TV last March 1, Charlie Pickering announced its new segment dubbed as ‘World’s Strongest Man,’ and featured the Philippines. It also showed some video clips of President Duterte’s hard-hitting speeches, where he promised to introduce an intensified war against illegal drugs.

The said episode also mentioned President Duterte not being afraid to insult world leaders including former US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis. Mr. Pickering also showed a short news video of Human Rights Watch’s Phelim Kine, saying that Duterte ran on a campaign promising to fill Manila Bay with bodies of thousands of suspected criminals.

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“I don’t know if you’ve ever had a boss murdered someone in front of you. But let me tell you that the guys find it really motivating.” Pickering said shortly a short video clip of President Duterte, saying that he said he used to kill criminals personally when he was still the mayor of Davao City, just to show the people that if he can do it, they can do it, too.

The said episode also showed a short video of President Duterte saying that Adolf Hitler killed 3 million Jews, and there are now 3 million drug addicts in the Philippines, and that we would be happy to kill all of them. Mr. Pickering then made of fun of Duterte, noting that the president’s numbers is wrong, and that Duterte is comparing himself to Hitler.

In addition, the show mentioned Duterte during the election campaign period, saying that he would pardon himself for mass murder if he gets elected. But of course, Filipinos know it was only a joke, and the audience even laugh they heard him saying it. On the last part, Duterte was quoted as describing children killed in his war on drugs as collateral damage.

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To sum it up, we at Taho News understand that ‘The Weekly’ is a satire show, and we expect sarcasm from Charlie Pickering. However, we also know that many foreigners don’t really know what’s really happening here in the Philippines. They only rely on news, which is sometimes bias. But yes, President Duterte is serious in fighting illegal drugs. No joke.