Watch: Australian News Anchor Urges Televiewers Not to Visit Philippines if Duterte Wins (Video)

An Australian news anchor went ballistic, telling his televiewers not to visit the Philippines if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will be elected president. This is after the news of the tough-talking presidentiable’s remarks about the Australian missionary who was raped and killed have reach his knowledge. Watch the video with caution.

“That evil bast*rd! I don’t know what’s worse: him saying… or other people actually laughing along with it. It’s disgusting. If he (Duterte) becomes president, tear up your tickets and don’t go to the Philippines.” Sky News Australia TV broadcaster Paul Murray said this Tuesday, April 19 on his Paul Murray Live commentary program.

But before he said this, Murray showed to his audience the so-called Duterte rape joke video. That time, Duterte was talking about what happened during the 1989 Davao prison hostage-taking incident led by Felipe Pugoy. He was then referring to 36-year old Jaqueline Hamill, whom he described as beautiful.

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The viral video was reported in international news including in the US, UK and Australia. Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely also issued a statement, saying that rape and murder should never be joked about. In his later campaign speech, Mayor Duterte said he may cut diplomatic relations with Australia.

In a separate video interview, Mayor Duterte narrated what happened prior to the that incident. He mentioned that Felipe Pugoy and his fellow inmates also tried to escape and held hostage the prison guards. Being a first-time mayor that time, Duterte submitted himself to be the replacement hostage, which led to the arrest of Pugoy and company. He also noted that his remarks is not a joke, but rather an expression of his utter anger.

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Mayor Duterte later apologized for his remarks, but stressed out that he is not sorry for protecting people. This Saturday, April 23, the presidential front-runner clarified that his statement on the possibility to cut ties with Australia is only hypothetical, noting that he is not really a bad person. He added that if elected president, he will be prim and proper.

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