Watch: Aspiring Actor, Victim of Fake Nose and Cleft Chin Collagen Injection (Video)

Ellowe Alviso fake collagen injection victim

Meet Ellowe Alviso, who once dreamed of being a famous actor, but ended up being a victim of a fake nose and cleft chin injection procedure. He has uploaded various videos on YouTube about his sad story. Now, he is asking for help in seeking justice for his misfortune. His story was featured in GMA-7’s ‘Investigative Documentaries.’

Ellowe was already joining talent search contests and TV auditions at the age of 16, hoping to find his own space in the local entertainment industry. He has appeared on some TV shows as extra, and met his idols. And although he already looks good, he feels that he will look better if he will undergo a nose job and will have a clef chin.

So through a friend, Ellowe met a gay whom he identified as Kasheka Magallanes from Canlubang, Calamba City. And because the gay told him that he is a nurse and that he can help him, Ellowe underwent nose and cleft chin job via collagen injection around two years ago. The operation was successful, but Alviso later had an infection.

As you can see on the video, Alviso’ nose and chin got swollen and his entire face was infected with the supposed collagen injection. According to Dr. Vicente Gil of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, the collagen used in the face injection of Alviso is not pure, which eventually led to infection and damage on the his face.

With no enough money and stable job, the 23-year old aspiring actor admits that he is now receiving assistance from GMA Kapuso Foundation. Being a solid fan of Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado, he hopes he could finally recover and can still pursue his dreams to be an actor someday.

Last year, Ellowe Alviso filed a case of “Illegal Practice of Medicine’ in Laguna against Kasheka Magallanes, but it is still pending as of posting. He also accompanied GMA team to the place where the face injection allegedly took place, but the suspect is nowhere to be found. Now, the victim hopes that justice will prevail.

And just like Ellowe said, we at TN hope that his sad story shall serve as a moral lesson to everyone. We are not judging him or anyone who would like some improvements on their face or body. However, you need to make sure that you go only to legitimate clinics and licensed cosmetic surgeon. Better safe than sorry.