Watch: ‘Asar Ako Kay Mar’ Ad Blames Mar Roxas on Yolanda Relief, Traffic and Tanim-Bala (Video)

An anti-Mar Roxas political ad video features the phrase, ‘Asar ako kay Mar’ (I’m Pissed Off at Mar) and is now going viral on Facebook. Apparently, the said ad is an edited version of the original ad dubbed as ‘Mar Roxas – Father of Call Center’, which was launched back in July 2015. Watch both videos below, and check if the parody version better than the original.

On the the original ad, the real dialogue was “Anak ako ni Mar” and highlights the administration’s presidentiable as the father of the BPO industry here in the Philippines. According to it’s video description, Roxas has helped in the creation of BPO when he was still the DTI secretary, adding that call centers contributed over $18 billion in the country’s economy.

On the other hand, the Mar Roxas parody video starts with call center agents saying, “Asar ako kay Mar.” Instead of praising him, the edited version enumerated the issues that many people put the blame on him. This includes the alleged late response of the government during Typhoon Yolanda, the MRT breakdowns, and the on-going tanim-bala at NAIA.

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Recently, a report at Rappler highlighted Mar Roxas when he said, “Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband sa airport, paano naging problema ng gobyerno ’yun?”(If you bring contraband as you enter the airport, how does it become the problem of the government?). Later, Rappler apologized to Roxas and to the public, saying that their report could be misinterpreted.

“Kasi si Mar Roxas ang walang nagawa bilang secretary ng DOTC at DILG.” (Because Mar Roxas did nothing when he was secretary of DOTC and DILG.). One call center agent “said” on the altered political ad. The call center agent on the last part ‘said’, “Asar ako kay Mar” with a very soft voice and wearing a sweet smile, with the “Daang Matuwid” being mocked at the end.

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Asar Ako Kay Mar

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Mar Roxas – Father of Call Center

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We at TN cannot trace the identity of the creator of the edited Mar Roxas political ad video. But of whoever he is, we think that he’s brilliant in editing videos that people will believe it’s real unless they also watch the original version. We’re also sure that he have pissed off the supporters of Roxas and will probably hunt him. Nevertheless, critics of Roxas will love it.


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